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Things to Avoid While Designing a Website

Now what you are going to read is something that almost all of us have experienced quiet many times when we visit any website. It happens that when you go to a particular link and click it, instead of the link being opened in the same window, a number of browser windows start opening in front of you, making you frustrated and annoyed and ultimately leading you to the closure of the whole website. This is one thing that Web Designers Sydney must avoid when it comes to the web designing and web designing should be done in a way that the links open up in the same window.

It is quiet annoying when you have to wait for five to ten minutes until the website loads completely. This happens because; there are too many graphical animations, which create hindrance in the loading of your website. To make visitors stay on your website, it is important that you attract their attention within few hours of their visit, otherwise if your page will take time to load, they might switch over to your rivals page. So to avoid cluttering in you pages, the graphical animations should be kept on minimal level.

The website must be kept updated regarding the product information or any other thing for which it has actually been designed. This is a very important aspect of making a complete website because the users gets attracted to all the updates that can help him understand the product you are selling or advertising.

There are few websites which play music on your visit; this is found disturbing by some visitors. If the visitors are there on your website to stay, then they would surely not want to get disturbed by the music continuously being played, so there might be some kind of control given to the visitor so that they can turn off the music on their choice. With Web Design Sydney you will not come across problems like this because they educate you about some important points like this.

Too much graphical images create disturbances for the visitors or users as not every body finds it entertaining. However there should be few graphical images to keep the interest in the website balanced.

Avoid using your choice of fonts as they are always on the choice of users that in which font they want the content to be because it is them who you want to read actually.

Sometimes it happens. When the visitors are deeply engrossed in your website, they forget where or on what page they are at the moment, but many times websites, Web Design doesn’t provide the visitor with such information making them close the website at once, because they are unclear about where they are at the moment. It is important that the website must only be user friendly as it is created to entertain the queries of the visitors rather making things messy.


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